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Commercial Photography and Common Uses

Commercial photography is photography intended for commercial use, such as advertisements and product placement. It may also be used for enhancing text in corporate leaflets and brochures, restaurant menus and others. In essence, commercial photography is meant to sell or promote a company or its individual products and/or services.

The market can be very lucrative for commercial photographers as the field is quite broad, with room for both classic and alternative photographs. The following the are the most common applications of commercial photography nowadays:

Product Sales

Commercial photographs of product lines or individual products focus on the product’s design or on its outstanding features, revealing details and giving an overall feel of it.

Business Promotion

A business can use also use commercial photography to market itself, or certain parts of the work it does. Commercial and industrial photography are significantly different, however, the former being done in an enclosed room or isolated area, and the latter on the factory floor or any outdoor site. In most cases, commercial photographers do not take on industrial photography projects. A popular way of promoting a business is through building or architectural photography, in which the business can be viewed as the product.

Commercial Food Photography

Food photography is often intended to enhance restaurant or cafe menus or for culinary sections of publications. Photographers who are knowledgeable in nature or skilled at taking still-life shots are perfect for food photography. Pictures may be taken to give feels of a certain venue or to highlight the food itself. Restaurant or cafe food shoots are often done in the venue, so the photographer will need portable lighting and backgrounds.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is probably the most popular type of commercial photography. We find these types of photographs in billboards, fashion magazines, on TV and many other media. Commercial fashion photography involves a whole range of styles and techniques. For example, catalogue photographs are usually heavy on the details of a garment, while editorial shots show the item in more unexpected and sometimes dramatic ways.

Portrait Photography

Since its invention in the 19th century, portrait photography has been one of the most bankable specialties in the photography industry. There appears to be certain dynamic behind photographers and their knowledge of lighting and the human body, shot alone or in groups. Portrait photograph enjoys the highest demand, reason why there are so many outlets offering this service everywhere today.

If you’re looking for a commercial photographer, whatever your purpose may be, the best thing you can do is run up a background check of each prospect you find. How long have they been around? To be good, commercial photographers need experience. You definitely need to take a look at their portfolios. Lastly, try to have a short chat with them on the phone about what you want. This is a good way to see how you get along together. You don’t want a photographer you don’t like because it could affect the final outcome of the photos.

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